They kept asking where the women are. So we built a space where you can be seen, heard, and honoured.

We got tired of hearing news outlets and conference planners say they, “just couldn’t find smart, successful women” to hire or provide their perspective on the cannabis industry.

We got tired of being the only woman in a room, or on a panel, or even working in an entire company.

While it’s estimated that women hold less than 25% of leadership positions within today’s industry, we know that women have been leading this movement for decades. And we know you’re still out there leading strong.

So, we built a space where you can be called by name. Where you can find an expert, a job candidate, or your next badass boss. And make no mistake, here you will find powerful, educated, generous, kind, and successful leaders - that just happen to be women.


Are You a BOSS? Join the BLOC!

If you’re a leader working in the cannabis industry, add your name to the database. If you’ve worked with a boss lady that you admire, share the list with her and invite her to join the BLOC.


Find an expert or your next boss.

If you’re looking for scientists, consultants, teachers, physicians, researchers, marketers, or any other expert to offer insights on the cannabis industry, check out the list to see who is leading the field.

OPEN SURVEY // #MeToo Cannabis

People all over the world, from all cultures, ages, sexual orientations and industries experience assault in the workplace. The #MeToo movement has shown us that when we speak up and share our stories we can better support victims, and begin to create real change.

That’s why we’ve created this survey. Not to shame or name any specific company or person, but to illuminate the truth of the experience people have working in the cannabis industry.

By inviting you to share your experiences we can get a clearer picture of what its like to work in cannabis. Armed with this new perspective, our intention is to start a larger conversation about potential solutions our industry can utilize to achieve a deeper level of equality and equity for all..

The survey is 100% ANONYMOUS & CONFIDENTIAL. iTS open to anyone who is WORKING, or has worked in the cannabis industry. Not just women, and not just those that have experienced harassment. EVERYONE.

If you’ve worked for a great company where you’ve had great experiences, we want to hear about that too.

Developed in partnership with market research firm VitalSay, this survey will ask questions and contain content about harassment in the workplace that is specific to the cannabis industry, which may be sensitive to some people. Your participation in this research study is voluntary and is completely anonymous.